The My Smart Hands flashcards are a great learning tool to use with children. They are fully laminated and come on a detachable ring. The flashcard is designed with a graphic image of the sign, an image of a child performing the sign, and a written description of how to make the sign.

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Everyday Signs: ball, banana, bath, bed, bird, book, boy, car, cat, cereal, cheese, cookie, cracker, daddy, dog, drink, eat, finished, fish, girl, help, I love you, milk, mommy, more, play, please, sleepy, thank you, water

ABC Signs: apple, brown, candy, down, elephant, friend, gorilla, hen, ice cream, jog, kangaroo, log, monkey, net, octopus, pet, quarter, rain, strawberry, train, umbrella, van, water, xylophone, yellow, zoo

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