Hello! My name is Taylor Seymour and I am the My Smart Hands instructor in the Lafayette, Indiana area. I recently graduated from Purdue University with a major in Psychology and minor in Human Development and Family Studies. I have always held a passion for working with children and my passion for American Sign Language (ASL) began when I enrolled in an ASL course during my undergraduate career at Purdue University. What started as a foreign language requirement turned into a love and passion for ASL. While at Purdue, I completed five ASL courses and was also a teaching assistant for an ASL class. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the language and am excited that I now get the chance to share my knowledge with other families through My Smart Hands.

Along with being a My Smart Hands instructor, I also stay at home to take care of my firstborn, Theodore. One of my favorite activities to do with him is teaching him ASL signs. I began teaching Theodore signs at 5 months of age and he loves watching me sign with him. I am excited to share my experiences with other families interested in teaching their young ones.

With my combined child development and ASL experiences, I am ecstatic to share all my knowledge and help other families teach their babies ASL signs. If you are interested in participating in a class or want to know more about the class and/or the benefits of teaching your child signs, please contact me at