Benefits of Signing – Mutual Happiness and Parental Bond

When your child is happy, you are happy. It is obvious that your child will not be happy 100% of the time, BUT when your child can easily communicate their needs with you they are, in general, happier. When you are both happy it is easier to build your relationship and to create a strong bond.


If your preverbal child is able to use signs to tell you what they want to eat, wouldn’t this result in a more peaceful and happier mealtime? In yesterday’s post I used this example,

“When you offer apples and they continue to cry because they do not want apples, they can then use signs to tell you what they do want (e.g., peaches). So the parent gives the child peaches, the child quits crying, they happily eat their peaches, and life is good for everyone.”

Mealtimes can be very frustrating for children and their parents. By eliminating the frustration, with signs, wouldn’t peaceful mealtimes create mutual happiness? Wouldn’t mealtimes without any tears, sweet potatoes going all over your carpet, etc., be wonderful?

Less frustration = happiness

It is much easier to bond with a happy baby compared to an upset baby. It is difficult to bond with your child when they are being fussy or throwing a tantrum. It is in the moments of mutual happiness where you are able to truly bond with each other. Signing with your baby is a continuous bonding experience. You are spending a lot of one-on-one time, face-to-face, when you are signing with them.

Berg, L. (2012). The baby signing bible: Baby sign language made easy. New York: Avery.


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